Why Volvo Trucks Are the Best Trucks Around?

Why Volvo Trucks Are the Best Trucks Around?

When you think of truck driving, the most important requirements are easy driving and safety. Volvo has always sought the highest safety standards through its extra ordinary crash test and a robust, thick safety bar is securely installed inside. A comfortable cab with enough space and a clear range of vision is an important factor. Drivers don’t fell cramped and can easily see ahead of and around the truck while driving. The air suspension is effective in reducing driver fatigue.

Volvo trucks have always featured strong power. There seems to be much more power than the numbers indicate. Easy acceleration means easy driving. In combination with strong power it gives confidence in Volvo’s engines. The engine break is very stout. The D16 engine is unbelievably quiet and responsive, and the power and performance is outstanding. It also handles great at highway speeds. The Ishift offers so much more control and is so much smarter than the automatics.

Volvo’s durable design comes with many thoughtful features. The three piece bumper is durable with easy end-cap replacement in case of damage. The charge air protection plate shields charge air cooler and radiator package from damage by road debris. Wipers arms fold forward for easy windshield cleaning. Color coded air lines and push in fittings simplify break inspection and maintenance. Bulkhead pass through ports are labeled on both connection points for technician convenience.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy duty diesel engines above nine liters, Volvo has earned a powerful reputation for innovations that save money while assuring performance. There’s the Volvo air intake pre heater for assured starting in frigid climates, also patent sweet spot measure to encourage soft driving for better fuel economy.

Volvo believes in shutting off the engine whenever possible to save fuel and reduce noise. But there are times when extended idling is a necessity. During those times, Volvo engines utilize the variable turbo charge to thermostatically engage and provide Volvo’s warm hold function, allowing the engine to quickly warm and sustain engine temperature at very low speeds, saving fuel and helping the environment.

The Volvo VN series are known as the trucks that brought long haul trucks into the 21st century. The long haul trucks are now nine models strong, with its sloping hood and sleek curves are the most aerodynamic truck on the highway today, each VN makes life on the road more comfortable. Its smooth ride makes it that more enjoyable. These trucks are built to handle many transportation need and save money. These are attributes you’ll enjoy every time you climb into the cab of your Volvo VN.

Extraordinary customer service is what Volvo technicians strive for everyday. Doing this one customer at a time is the only way we know how to accomplish this, giving our customers our undivided attention, and addressing all of their questions and concerns. Customer satisfaction is key and going above and beyond, to ensure that every customer is truly satisfied is the one thing that keeps them happy and Volvo at number one.

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