Why Scania Trucks Are The Best Trucks Around?

Why Scania Trucks Are The Best Trucks Around?

Trucks are important in transporting goods and resources from one area to the other. In the world that we live in, there is a constant change. There is a continuous growth in our surroundings. We need trucks in order to continue the worldwide enterprise. Our economy can help move forward with the help of the trucks. In all types of businesses or operations, trucks play an important role and their role is endless.

The demand for commercial trucks has been increasing. In fact, the need for trucks will never die. The demand for trucks has been accelerating since the last decade. There are different varieties of trucks. They are categorized by the weight that a truck can carry.

There are brand new trucks and the used trucks available in the market. The advantages of buying a used truck, is that you can finish the job at a lower cost. There will be less expense for the company. You can surf the web or go to the nearest used truck dealers when buying used trucks.

When buying used trucks, you always need to check how the truck was used and what was the truck used for by the previous owner. Check the history of the truck for repairs and damages incurred. The mileage of the truck is also important.

There are a lot of truck manufacturers. But, why is the Scania trucks the best trucks around?

The Swedish company Scania Group has been operating since 1891. They have constructed and delivered more than 1,400,000 trucks and buses used for heavy transport. Presently, Scania is now the world’s leading manufacturer for trucks and buses. They also operate in 100 countries. Their factories are found in Sweden, France, Netherlands, Poland, Argentina and Brazil. They have 1,500 service centres that offer help to customers in their needs.

Scania offers different kinds of trucks. The P-series trucks are smaller and shorter. It can be used for locally based transportation and services, for construction use with a local and regional distribution. They are made in order to pass in small congested areas and some construction sites. It easily accelerates to cut the travel time. The P cabs have three variations, single-berth sleeper, a spacious day cab and a short cab.

The G-series trucks are designed for long-haulage, distribution and for all types of construction purposes. All G- series trucks has a spacious G cab and each is available as a tractor or rigid. They also have five cab variants: three sleepers, a day cab and a short cab. These trucks have more space and more comfortable accommodation.

They also have the new R-series trucks. It debuted last 2004 and got the prestigious International Truck of the Year award last 2005. They are designed to be more fuel efficient, has a driver appeal and reliability. It has the fully automated Scania Opticruise. It is the automated gearchanging system. It is also equipped with the Scania Driver Support System, which analyzes the data from the sensors in the vehicle. It gives the driver advices and assessment on the driving style. The Scania Driver Support System measures the hill-driving as to what gears will be used, anticipation on situations, brake use and the choice of gears.

Scania offers long-haulage trucks, distribution trucks, construction trucks, and the special purpose trucks.

Trucks are important in order to get the job done. In a world where everything is growing and changing, we should know who can offer us a better deal or the latest technology.

Robert Tate – Region Sales Manager of Mascus UK. Mascus is an electronic marketplace for used trucks, used tractors and trucks. Mascus makes trading in used Scania trucks for sale quicker and more efficient by collecting all information about supply and demand in one place. Contact: robert.tate@mascus.com

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