Various Types of Oil Drilling Rig Required In Oil and Gas Industries

Various Types of Oil Drilling Rig Required In Oil and Gas Industries

Oil and gas industries are one of the well to do business these days. Many big scale companies have their units of production for these commodities. Most of these companies require oil drilling rig, which is used very often to drill new wells to reach the bed. Earlier, cases of accidents or injury were very common at oilfield sites; however that scenario is changing quickly as more technological impetus has been made in this field. Today there are different types of oil drilling rigs available in the market with different modes of operations. This ensures that you get the work done with least damage to manpower and resources.

Most of oilfield equipments are available with oil drilling rig service providers. Companies can purchase or hire oilfield vehicles, other oilfield equipments, and different support equipments etc. from a single service provider. Modern inputs of technology have made the process of drilling, extraction and processing of raw components very easy on an offshore platform. Apart from drilling there are many other processes like cementing and fracturing which require specialized tools. Each of these tools can be obtained from oil drilling rigs service provider, as generally they do offer all these services under one roof.

Important Classification of Oil Drilling Rigs

There are different types of oil drilling rigs which are used in various extraction industries. Each of this equipment is very efficient for the purpose it is used, that is drilling wells. If your company is looking for these services, you probably should consult a service provider who can offer you best service at cheap prices. Also remember to deal with an experienced service provider, as experience really matters in this service. Here are some samples of oil drilling rig:

Truck mounted – This model is considered to be one of the safest designs of rig available in the market. This truck mounted model requires a very little space for operations and can start its work even in very clumsy space. Another important feature of this model is it comes in different sizes of carrier chassis, which means you can customize one according to your offshore platform. Apart from the various other important useful components of drilling, this system is popular as most reliable driller.

Skid mounted – This is another very important model of oil rigs. It has different types of drive way. It has ability to work in smallest of spaces. This type of model is created in two different structures. First is the “A type” mast structure, where the shape of equipment looks like alphabet “A”. Another important form of this equipment is “K type” structure. This equipment can move entirely from one place to other and therefore is considered very effective for cluster drilling.

Trailer mounted – This type of rig is developed on the chassis of long trailers. This drilling equipment is very effective in horizontal or directional drilling. It also has a top quality pipe handling system, which makes your work lot easier.

These are some very useful models of drilling rigs used widely these days in oil and gas industries.

Eddie Copley is a researcher and has concentrated his studies to various types of natural resources. He visited few oil rig companies in China during his research period and realized how technology has been contributing in minimizing environment pollution. During his stay he experienced how oil drilling rig work. He was deeply inspired by the oil drilling rigs working principle.

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