Understanding Differences Between Security Management Courses And Corporate Security Courses

Understanding Differences Between Security Management Courses And Corporate Security Courses

The environment in which we live today offers many opportunities for the growing security industry. What once was relegated to a small operation within larger organizations is now becoming a major factor in the operation of an organization. Security management courses and corporate security courses are fundamental in the development of a security professional, but due to the great diversity in modern education, finding the right course may be confusing.

Very often the question arises as to what is the difference between security management and corporate security. For those trying to determine a course of study, this question becomes even more important. Generically speaking, there is little difference between the two, with the exception that corporate security tends to place more attention on the financial implications of security, whereas security management courses do not involve as much detail into the financial aspect. Even more generically, corporate security courses would have greater application towards the private sector where security management courses apply to any security application.

Security management is the application of security measures for “any eventuality”. This means that it is the goal of security management courses to develop and implement or manage a security plan that is efficient and effective for the security needs of the organization. No matter what area of security is chosen, security management education is beneficial.

Security management courses effectively attempt to broaden the perspective of students to understand the complexities of security. In no way can one area of security (information, physical, asset) be separated from another as there will always be an overlapping of disciplines. Information security, for example, focuses on data loss within the digital world, but employee theft or other physical theft requires physical security and asset security applications. It is the overall security management that allows a security program to be effective.

Corporate security courses encompass security management (personal protection, computer security, physical security), but they also add additional steps directed towards understanding the financial aspect of security. In terms of the private sector, security is a value to the company if it provides the ability to increase profit margins. For that reason corporate security must always take into account the value its service provides in a way executives can understand. Corporate security is the business side of security management, which not only addresses the security needs, but also reflects the financial goals of an organization.

To further compare the two aspects, a view of potential job applications may help. Searches of corporate security bring job descriptions relating to the banking industry, private security companies, proprietary security divisions, and government security contractors, most all being for-profit. Comparatively, security management searches bring job descriptions relating to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and security companies, the majority being government, non-profit.

The above should not be taken as an absolute, merely a general understanding of the nuances within the field of security. Most terms relating to security are not much more than simple semantics. Corporate security, executive security, and security management, are all used somewhat interchangeably. What is important to understand is there are nuances that may best reflect interests and help identify whether corporate security courses, information security, or other aspects are desirable when taking security management courses.

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