Types of truck driving jobs

Types of truck driving jobs

Based on the goods carried, truck driving job is classified into different types. Salary and incentive are depends on the goods and their risk in carrying it. Specialized truck driving job pays more than average amount. Main reason why specialized jobs pay more is that it involves more work, higher responsibilities and greater risk. Transportation of hazardous materials is example of job which has more risk than carrying other goods. A furniture truck job is the job which need more physical stamina, because they stop at many places to unload and load the furniture. These kinds of jobs pay more than average salary.
Different types of truck driving jobs are
* Long haul driving: Most of the truck driving jobs are long haul driving jobs. They carry goods to very far distant destination. This may be interstate (between two or more state) or intrastate (inside a state). They will be away from home for long days, even after coming home they will get only little time to rest, they must get back to work quickly. They get very good salary. Those who want to earn more in truck driving industry get long haul driving job.
* Hazardous material drivers: Hazardous driving jobs are very risk involved job. The driver must need to know about good, how to handle it safely, how to manage it in emergency. Carrying liquefied gas, dry cell battery, electronic devices (may contain mercury), spray can are some of the example. Hazardous material driver should appear for special test while applying for CDL that allows them as hazardous material driver. Since huge risk is involved in this job, pay for this is above average.
* Refrigerated drivers: Those who transport refrigerated goods (food items) come under category. They most probably work for producing company. They cannot long time to deliver the items because food items will get spoil within a time period. They should deliver on time.
* Auto haulers: Auto haulers are those who transport automobile mainly cars. Auto haulers are hired by car companies to transport cars within the state or between the states. Those who shift home from one place to another will hire auto haulers, if they have cars, to transport it to newer place.
* Boat haulers: The name itself indicates that, they are the drivers who carry marine vessels between places. Scope of this kind of drivers is less compared to others.
* Furniture truck drivers: Furniture truck driver must posses’ high stamina. They must stop at many places to load and unload the furniture. Those want high salary and want to stay fit without exercise can join this job.
* Flat bed drivers: Flat bed truck drivers carry construction materials such as metal pipes, timbers, woods and things which have irregular shapes. Carrying this type of material is very easy, but accident due to these type of trucks are more because of fast driving and careless attachment.
Above mentioned is some of the different type of truck driving jobs. Persons who are interested in truck driving job carefully select the type of job which is suited for them.

There are different types of truck driving jobs and pay foe each type is also different. One should choose suitable truck driving job.

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