Transportation measures in place for summer vacation period

7월29일∼8월4일 휴가객 38% 몰려…특별교통대책 시행li
The summer vacation season is approaching its peak in Korea.
While hordes of people are flying out for an overseas break,… lots of others choose to jump in the car and vacation in Korea.
Since the expressways are going to be more congested than normal,… the government is mapping out plans to keep roads moving as smoothly as possible.
Park Heejun reports.

The Korean Ministry of Transportation has announced that it will enforce special transport management measures next week… to coincide with the summer vacation season.

Around 40 percent of the working population is expected to go on vacation during the last week of this month.
That’s a 47 percent increase compared to the same period last summer.

The expressways out of the Seoul metropolitan area are expected to be at their busiest on the 29th, while routes back into the capital are likely to be congested on the 1st.

According to the Korea Transport Institute, the most popular vacation destination is the east coast with around 30 percent of domestic travelers heading there.
The south coast came second with 20 percent, followed by the west coast at 10-point-five percent and Jeju Island at 9-point-7 percent.

In an attempt to manage the heavy traffic, the ministry will be adding extra public transport from July 21st to August 10th.
An average of 8 extra trains, 170 extra highway buses, 34 more planes, and 148 extra passenger ships will be up and running daily during the 21 days.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Hunet, an institute on employee-education, showed that 1 out of 5 Koreans will be unable to take time off from work to enjoy the summer vacation.
The main reasons included a lack of financial means, heavy workload, and the unfavorable circumstances at work.
However, the results show that there’s still a 4 percent increase in those taking time off… which could hint at a spread in holiday culture in Korea.

Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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