The Top Bass Fishing Rigs and How They Are Secured

The Top Bass Fishing Rigs and How They Are Secured

Bass fishing is one of the top sports enjoyed by men, women and children of all ages. It provides excitement and fun for the whole family. It is also enjoyed by many serious anglers that are just waiting for their chance to catch a trophy fish or win one of the many tournaments that are sponsored each year.

When it comes to bass fishing the method you use to set up the bait when fishing is very important. One popular method that is known for getting results is called rigging. The more you know about the types of rigs used and how to secure them for the most dramatic effect the better results you will have when bass fishing. Here are some of the most popular bass fishing rigs and how they are used to help you get the most out of every fishing trip.

Using worms as bait is one of the oldest methods around for fishing. People have used worms for centuries and they still work just as well today as they did in the beginning. Since fishing with live bait is not always an option, you can use soft plastic bait that was invented to take its place. These are used regularly by just about everyone who goes fishing. In fact, many anglers prefer to use the plastic bait over the live bait for many different reasons.

Due to this fact you need to know how to rig a plastic worm or similar bait for bass fishing. First of all, you need to know that using a weight will make the plastic worm float differently depending on where you place it. Therefore, there are basically three types of rigs available and they are called the weightless or floating rig, the Texas rig and the Carolina rig.

The first method is called the weightless or floating rig because you are fishing without a weight. This method will allow you to fish in very shallow water. With no weight to pull the plastic worm under it will basically float along the top. These rigs are designed with two hooks and a spinner located in the front. They now come in bright colors so you can see them move when the bass strike, making it easier to know when to set your hook.

The second method is called the Texas rig and with this method you will place a weight beside the head of the plastic worm. You can also use soft plastic crawfish or lizards as well. You will need to thread a bullet or slip sinker on the line before you tie the hook onto the end. Next, you will insert the hook about a quarter of an inch into the head of the worm. Rotate the hook to make sure it is embedded but do not let it come completely through the worm.

If you are bass fishing in areas that have a lot of brush or near overhangs this method works the best. It allows the worm to go through these structures easier without hanging up. You won’t scare the bass away by making a big splash if you use 1/8 ounce lead weight and this size will help the bait to float slowly down into the water. Of course, you should go with a heavier weight if you plan on fishing in deep water.

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