Stop Tolls RI: Robert Pitcher, American Trucking Association, VP

Stop Tolls RI:  Robert Pitcher, American Trucking Association, VP

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo’s proposed plan for truck tolls is not only flawed, but you can count on it being placed on cars tomorrow. While the Ocean State’s elected leaders drool over a new way to find money to fund our ineffective and inefficient status quo, the truck toll proposal pretends it is absolutely necessary in order for you to have properly maintained bridges.

Job Creators Stand up against Oppressive Taxation Rhode Island

Robert Pitcher: American Trucking Association Vice President, State Laws

Robert Pitcher
American Trucking Association Vice President, State Laws
Objections to RhodeWorks:
-Wether it would raise the needed money
-Likely fail to generate sufficient revenue
-Weaken Rhode Island’s economy
-Raises serious doubts of legality of proposal

We object to the bill before you because of the means it would use to raise the needed money. We have significant concerns that the proposal would fail in its purpose of rising sufficient revenue. We believe that the proposal will weaken Rhode Island’s economy unnecessarily. We have serious doubts about the legality of the proposal under both federal law and the United States constitution.

Will the cost of tolls be passed on Rhode Island’s economy to no matter who pays them in the first place? You bet they will.

The bill before you is remarkably short on specifics in several key areas. Just what bridges are proposed to be told, how many of them, what tolls are to be levied, and to some extent who is expected to pay those tolls.

We heard the presentation from the Department of Transportation, but there is nothing in the legislative langue itself that you will need to vote on to answer those questions.

I’ve never seen anything in any state statue that is so vague and a tax law. Which is what this is, of coarse. It’s a tax proposal.

Tax laws are always very specific about who pays what, and this bill is not.
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