Statistical Benefits of Vehicle Graphics & Car Signs as a Marketing Tool

Statistical Benefits of Vehicle Graphics & Car Signs as a Marketing Tool

Marketing is an essential tool to take your product or brand to prospective customers. You would be amused if you knew the amount of money spent on advertisements in 2015.

According to Strategy Analytics, almost $ 187 billion was spent in the U.S for Advertisement campaign. Out of this, outdoor commercial campaigns alone share 5% of the total amount spent which comes to approximately $ 8.7 billion dollars. Despite the recession and multiple bankruptcies, markets are looking for new pathways to attract people towards their brand.

There are many innovative ways you can project your brand through outdoor advertising. Among them, vehicle graphics is most attractive due to its low cost and high conversation rate.

The CPI is highest for vehicle signs. You can get real value for money spent on vehicle graphics advertisement. The CPI – Cost Per Impression is the ratio between the amount spent on a product that can reach potential customers.

Benefits of Car Signs

You can reach out to a vast number of people in quick time through car signs. Imagine your company logo name as car signs on a caravan touring different places on a vacation. Your business ad would reach every corner of the country at an affordable and cheap price.

– You can even park your vehicle in a crowded place where billboard ads are prohibited. You can reach out to thousands of people where even a TV ad can’t reach just by buying a parking ticket.

Stats Tell the Story:

– According to OAAA or Outdoor Advertising Association of America, an average American vehicle goes on trips covering 15000 miles.

– At the cost of one dollar, car signs can get 2500 impressions.

– 30 seconds prime time Ad on popular television costs between $ 80000 and $ 600,000 and reaches a limited audience. On the contrary, graphics for vehicles cost only just $ 500 and reach millions of people.

– Traffic Audit Bureau reports that a business sign on the vehicle in an urban city attracts nearly 70000 impressions.

– On the other hand, American Trucking Association states that business signs on a truck create more than 16 million impressions in a year.

– One of the OAAA studies proved that 98% of people surveyed said that they notice the vehicle graphics displayed on a vehicle.

Cutting the cost is another way of generating income for a business. For reaching thousands of people, all you need is just $ 0.35 for advertising through car signs.

The author of this article is a vehicle graphics expert. He has used car signs as one of the best modes of advertising to increase the revenue for many businesses. Find out more about how you can utilize graphics and signs to grow your business.

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