Natural gas news can help in shaping up investment decisions

Natural gas news can help in shaping up investment decisions

Natural gas is a combustible and gaseous fossil fuel which is often found in underground reservoirs. It comprises of methane and other hydrocarbon compounds. As compared to petroleum, this source of energy rarely attracts much of interest or headlines. However the scenario is changing as many analysts predict that a new dawn is waiting to welcome the natural gas era.

In United States, natural gas has become increasingly popular since it burns cleaner than oil and coal. Besides it is considered environment friendly too since it produces least quantity of greenhouse gases. Thus it has become a source for electrical generation for many industries and households. The demand for this cleaner fuel is on the rise globally too which has prompted USA to stress on its natural gas exploration activities.

In the year 2008, natural gas news hit the headlines as it became the new energy rage in the United States. Many predicted that it will become the next great transportation fuel. There were several reasons behind this prediction. The rising price of oil and gasoline during that time forced many countries to explore alternate energy option. Another reason was the sudden discovery of vast amounts of natural gas from fields around United States which instilled new hope for the country. There were investors who came forward and put their money in the natural gas sector. However, the peak price of natural gas was not sustained and it started falling by the end of 2008 as oil prices also started to decline.

A tremendous boom in natural gas production in USA has revived new hope for this fuel over last few years. There are companies which have successfully utilized the new drilling boom which took place across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana in so-called shale fields. They have adopted cutting edge technology to enhance exploration activities. Techniques like 3-D & 4-D seismic imaging, Geo3D proprietary seismic filtering, CO2-Sand fracturing, slim hole drilling, etc. have proved to be highly effective in reducing risk factor out of drilling. However, fracturing is one procedure which has raised quite a few eyebrows in recent times. Environmentalists have expressed serious concern about contamination of groundwater reserves. Even they feel that seepage of harmful chemicals, used during fracturing, can seriously pollute drinking water supplies too.

Texas based Breitling Oil and Gas is very particular about following environmentally safe hydraulic fracturing program which has no hazardous effect on groundwater resources. In order to supply safe and reliable energy the company has invested huge sum of money for research activities. The company further makes sincere effort to keep investors updated about natural gas news on a regular basis through its website updates and oil podcasts. You can also get information about its past and present projects from the site. Besides it offers lucrative investment opportunities through direct participation programs thus enabling investors to participate in the potential cash flow and avail of unique tax benefits too.

Prior to taking investment decisions it is very important to verify the company profile. Take a look at the company website for latest updates on natural gas news and its ongoing projects. It is advisable to invest in the company which has a sound track record and proven engineering background.

Kevin Pieter is an investment consultant who has offered advisory services to individuals who want to invest in oil and natural gas sector. He has stressed on the need to stay updated with natural gas news in order to ensure maximum benefit from this sector.

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