Most Popular Media to Get your College News

Most Popular Media to Get your College News

There is a new way for kids to get their fill of all of the college news for their campus, and it is called CampusLIVE. The aim of this social community website is to act as a Resident Assistant for every college student twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The site provides students with all of the information they need and should know as a student on a particular campus.

There are customized news feeds that run on the site such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and more. Customized search feeds include YouTube, Amazon, Flickr, and Google, amongst others. Each school has a page that is all its own, and this page contains quick links that hold tons of information for housing, health, and happenings that have to do with a campus. There is also a load of local information about the area that surrounds the school like activities, concerts, festivals, other things to do, and public transportation schedules as well. Students can find college news about everything from library information to academic calendars to dining services, too.

The website even has a Food Finder feature that students can use to find their local eateries and contact information about all kinds of restaurants from dine in to take out to delivery. There are even online menus for each restaurant that is featured on the site, and people are even free to write reviews for other members of the public to view, too. College kids have become accustomed to knowing what is on TV at all times, and for this reason the college news website even features listings for every channel using the listing system.

CampusLIVE has even integrated with the popular social networking site facebook so that students can see their messages from that site on their personalized campus homepage. They are also in the process of linking up with other social networks like Twitter, Digg, MySpace, and LinkedIn. CampusLIVE started at the University of Massachusetts and since then has grown to cover almost 30 universities in ten different states. Most students are very impressed with the website, and they report that the information that they need is reported in a clear and concise way. Many people hope to see the continued growth of the website to even more universities and colleges across the nation, and with the help of mega popular social websites, this college news haven may very well be able to do just that.

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