Ideas for Beginner Projects Using Semi-Precious Beads

Ideas for Beginner Projects Using Semi-Precious Beads

Semi-precious beads are a great product for beginners to use in jewellery making. Semi-precious beads can be mixed with glass, crystal, wood, carved or any other type of bead to enhance your piece. Semi-precious beads are made of semi-precious stones like: amethyst, topaz, onyx and amber.

There are a few things to purchase and remember when starting a project with semi-precious beads or any beading project. Purchase a small plastic divided box like a fisherman uses for his tackle. This box will be your life saver! It may take a while to prepare it but the organization will speed up your work. Sort your beads by semi-precious beads, crystal, glass, wood and others. Then subdivide into size and color. Keeping your beads organized will make your project easier and quicker. You will not have to guess if a bead is a semi-precious bead or a faux bead. You should also purchase a piece of black felt that can cover a wooden board. Cut either a U shaped or straight line groove (big enough to hold beads) into the board and cover with the black felt. This allows you a working surface that you can see clearly and beads will not roll off. Your bead box and tools should be the only thing on the board.

Here is an example to get you started using semi-precious beads. Begin with your black felt covered board, tools and bead box. Decide which beads you will be using and also which complimentary beads will be used. Once you have decided on the semi-precious beads and others you will need to decide what you will be making. Make sure you choose the correct beads. There are two types, one with a top drilled hole for hanging and one with center drilled holes for placing in a row. Place your wire or string on your board. Take your selected semi-precious beads and place them in the groove all together on either the right or left side. Next take your other beads and place them altogether on the opposite side in the groove. Decide if you want a large semi-precious bead to be the center of your piece and place it on your wire first. The hard part is done. Now you will take a bead of your choice, another semi-precious bead or filler bead, and place one on the left side of the center bead and one on the right side. You can decide how many semi-precious beads to use and fill the rest in with other beads. Keep repeating this pattern of one on the left and then one on the right until you are satisfied with your work. You may also want to consider using spacers or twisted wire knots in between beads, the choices are endless.

You are now well on your way using beautiful semi-precious beads to enhance the beauty of your jewellery. Semi-precious beads are great to use for a gift by using the persons birthstone as your semi-precious bead. They will cherish this piece for a long time.

This article looks at ideas for beginner projects using semi-precious beads. Cooksongold supply a range of semi-precious beads and similar products.

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