Best Fuel Efficient Trucks 2017: Which Pickup Trucks Have the Best Fuel Economy?

Best Fuel Efficient Trucks: Which Pickup Trucks Have the Best Fuel Economy?
It should come as no surprise that to buy a truly fuel-efficient pickup truck, some sacrifices must be made in terms of power and capability – but at least there will always be fantastic space for cargo. The EPA’s website is a great source to find the most efficient 2017 pickup trucks, though the list is a lot longer than many consumers might expect. That’s because, for ranking purposes, the EPA considers each version of a vehicle separately.
Only the most efficient version of each model is represented here, even though several of these trucks have different engine and trim level combinations high up in the rankings. Here are the most efficient pickup trucks you can buy this year, according to the EPA. They are ranked from least fuel efficient to most fuel efficient.

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