Airport Security Screener and How to Become One

Airport Security Screener and How to Become One

If you want to become an airport security screener, the good news is that it is easy to do. There are only a few qualifications to this position and you can be on your way to working at the airport.

An airport security screener is responsible for screening all of the passengers’ carry on luggage and the passengers themselves. A screener is responsible for ensuring passenger safety. You will be required to detect any trouble at security checkpoints set up before the boarding gates. You will be responsible for stopping anyone from bringing any items deemed dangerous to bring onto an aircraft.

As a security screener you may be in charge of using an x-ray machine to scan carry on items. You will look inside of the baggage and be sure all items are acceptable and safe. Walk-throughs must go smoothly and you may need to use handheld metal detectors to scan people who set off the alarms. You will not have the authority to place someone under arrest but you will work closely with the police if you need to do so.

An airport security screener is an entry level position. You don’t need a degree for this job but you do need a high school diploma. There is on the job training you will receive when you start your job. A certificate in security may be helpful or give you an upper hand against your competition.

You will also be required to go through a 12 hour instructional class to show you how to do everything you need to do and how to use the equipment. You will work with experienced staff members who will show you everything you need to know also.

There is an age requirement of 18 years old before you can apply to be an airport security screener. You also need to be able to speak English well. Communication skills are required because you will be working and speaking to the public with almost every interaction you have when someone walks through your terminal.

This also means you will need to practice good customer service. You can get a job as an airport security screener without customer service experience and communication because you will learn these skills over time.

If you want to find a job working for an airport security screener, you will need to find out who the airport uses to contract their workers. Most employees are contractors working through a firm and not directly for the airport. The easiest way to find a position is to obtain and fill out an application at a security checkpoint. They actually keep the applications on hand at the checkpoint stations.

Check at the airport screening checkpoints to see if they are hiring. Even if they are not at the moment, be sure to fill out an application and leave it with them.

You can also check online. The positions are advertised online and you can save yourself leg work. If for nothing else, you will know the things you need to bring to the application process.

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