A Homeland Security Diploma Provides New Work Opportunities

A Homeland Security Diploma Provides New Work Opportunities

In the months that followed the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D. C., the American government was forced to scrutinize internal safety. Response to the unexpected September hijackings was not adequately coordinated, and it brought travel and commerce to a halt throughout the entire nation. From the ashes of this assault grew a necessary new domestic defense agency, staffed by fully trained and qualified people, many of whom have now earned a Homeland Security diploma.

Growth in this new group has been rapid, even during a time of economic retrenchment. Today it directly employs nearly 200,000 governmental hires, and nearly 1.5 million additional officers who work for associated private agencies. In many aspects the world seems more dangerous now than a decade ago. Employment opportunities will continue to expand side by side with the increased threats.

These officers are currently employed by several bureaus throughout the country. In Washington, the U. S. Capitol Police are part of the new protective agency. In addition, the U. S. Secret Service, the F. B. I., and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services all fall under this designation, as does the Federal Protective Service, Transportation Security Administration, and Park Services.

They are all united by one overall goal, and that is protecting the country’s vital interests against overt terrorism. In addition, they are involved in providing continuous and smooth transportation links, and in maintaining border control. The southern United States border is currently embroiled in a controversial and even threatening situation involving residents, law enforcement and politicians, and efforts to make that area more secure are in part the responsibility of this group.

Also included are aspects of emergency preparedness for natural disasters. Hurricane Katrina proved that even the United States with all its bountiful wealth is still no match for the unleashed forces of nature. Even years later, there is still visible damage from this monumental storm. Future disasters are absolutely inevitable, but with the logistic and humanitarian help from departments within this grouping, they can be made more manageable.

Other areas involving national safety include information analysis, and maintaining the integrity of national infrastructure. Computer-based terrorism has come of age, and the American government constantly seeks new ways to thwart Internet-based attacks of vital computer systems. Twenty-first century terrorists also know how to make use of modern digital communications, and dealing with those threats has become part of the job.

All will ideally work in tandem with local and state governments. This requires a growing number of staff members trained to do what is necessary in the event of new international and domestic threats. For people who wish to embark upon this kind of career path, a specialized education is the first step. Students in this field can look forward to classes in such diverse areas as terrorism psychology and emergency services management, to name just two.

Those who stay the course and earn a Homeland Security diploma can select job openings on many governmental levels. Many have come to view these jobs as a vital and interesting way to serve the nation, and the opportunities continue to expand. To begin studies, a potential student needs a high school diploma or GED, must be a citizen or permanent resident, and be competent using a computer. Visit your preferred college website for more information, or search the web for Homeland Security employment opportunities.

Get complete details and information about the exciting and challenging opportunities that will be available to you when you get a Homeland Security Diploma. You can achieve your career goals and objectives more quickly and easily when you participate in the Homeland Security Diploma Program.

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